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The energy from solar panels, wind and other renewable energy source can only be stored in solar batteries or deep cycle batteries as they are commonly known.

Unlike other types of batteries, a deep cycle lead acid battery has been carefully designed to get charged and discharged (one cycle) prolonged, repeated and obviously deep, without affecting likewise the battery’s lifetime.

The number of cycles a lead acid battery can withstand before reaching the set depth of discharge (DoD) and the level of maintenance it needs, are two crucial factors to help you choose the best solution for your investment.

WINNER BATTERY has an extended product portfolio consisting of different battery technologies such as AGM, FLA, GEL using industry standard lead acid types like OPzV, OPzS, PbC to cover any application in  

  • Solar energy
  • Wind energy
  • Off-grid (autonomous)
  • Electric switchboard
  • Electric switchgear
  • Electric utilities
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Power generators
  • Substations
  • Thermal power stations