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London, 15th August 2016: WINNER BATTERY, the world’s premium energy storage brand announced the launch of the redesigned WINNER HELIOS and WINNER NEPTUNE energy storage series, offering the highest Return-On-Investment per kWh per guaranteed cycle.

WINNER HELIOS is an OPzV high-performance battery series offering 3000 cycles at 50% DoD and is ideal for particularly demanding and heavy duty cycling applications thanks to its tubular positive plates. Both the quality of the materials used and its rugged construction, ensure that it will effortlessly serve your energy storage needs for up to 20 years.

Similarly WINNER NEPTUNE is a Valve-Regulated Lead Acid cells series featuring heavy duty AGM technology and high pressure group of plates offering 1050 cycles at 50% DoD. Its casing is made of thick walled ABS flame resistant material for mechanical strength and design life of up to 15 years. 

Both WINNER HELIOS and WINNER NEPTUNE have been carefully designed and developed to meet and exceed not only the energy needs for both on and off-grid applications, but also the most demanding safety standards and certifications such as IEC 61427, IEC 62485-2, DIN 43539/5, DIN 40740, EN 50272-2, IEC60896-21/22 2004 and Eurobat.